26. giving thanks

ode to joy

I give thanks for the little things.

a good book, a pillow and a couch on a rainy saturday
my dog greeting me at the door after work
unsolicited hugs from teenage children
the first cup of coffee in the morning
watching the sunset by the ocean
a photograph that turns out right
a kiss on the back of my neck
when words come together
grass under my bare feet
the beauty of autumn
comfortable silence
the purr of a kitten
a warm spring day
fresh fallen snow
birthday cakes
weekend naps
hand holding
cloud gazing
inner peace
star gazing

[photo: "ode to joy" taken june, 2008]

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  1. Jesse Luna on November 27th, 2008

    Great poem. I feel the heart warming even further. :)

  2. ilyka on November 28th, 2008

    Did you mean for the type to turn out so cool? It just sort of adds to it. Lovely.

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