this is what i do

My current passion/obsession: An ongoing review of my entire music collection in short bursts and mostly anecdotal form: this is not pitchfork

My main blog, where I write mostly about pop culture and obsess about things like why Donald Duck doesn’t wear pants: a big victory

My collection of personal essays some new, some old. : life, after all

A collection of my photographs which are inspired by songs and lyrics: lyrical photography

Like nearly everyone else in the world, I have a novel in progress. I started this during NaNoWriMo 2002. You know, where you’re supposed to complete a 50,000 word novel in a month. Six years later, I’ve decided to revive what I started then. I’m a slow finisher. The as yet untitled novel.

I get paid to write at Pajamas Media, where I publish articles on politics and current events and try to bring a little moderation to the site. my articles

My flickr page

By day, I work in a courthouse. By night, I make dick jokes on twitter.

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