This is photography and words. It is sometimes the music that those two things combined together make in my head. Each post will be one of my photographs and an essay. This is my past, present and future. This is a photojournal of my life.

Why the title?
I used to drive through my neighborhood at night and stare at all the houses. Something about the light coming from the windows made me wistful. There was a warmth to that light. The homes all looked inviting and comfortable. I found myself wondering what went on behind the drawn curtains and closed doors. What kind of life were they having? And why couldn’t I have it? I coveted the warmth and activity, the smiles, the joy, the pleasures found in the daily lives of the people in those houses. I coveted their lives.

Once upon a time, I had a life, but no life. Whether it was a result of bad luck or bad choices or bad timing doesn’t really matter now. It happened. Life was not always good. In fact, it was awful at some points. But I wouldn’t change any of it. Nothing. Because the path I chose to walk eventually landed me here. Here is where there is a light in my window. Here is where there is a life behind the curtains. Here is where I no longer look back with regret, but with the knowledge that everything is a learning experience to be applied to the future.

Here is where I record my past, present and future through words and photos.
Here is where I have a life, after all.

Some of you may have seen the photos and read the words before. A lot of what you will find here will be part of a culmination of eight years of writing in various weblogs. This is gathering place for my writing, old and new.

You can find all of my photos here. You can find me almost every day writing about pop culture and nonsense here.

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  2. life, after all on October 26th, 2008

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